RubyMine 2019.1

Quick thoughts on RubyMine 2019.1, which came out earlier this month but I didn’t read the release notes until now:

Screenshot of Recent Locations from the JetBrains blog.

  • Recent Locations looks amazing for absent-minded programmers like me. I’m constantly thinking “OK, go back to that thing I was looking at, it was about… respondents, I think?” I know what I need to do next, but I forget what file it’s in, so I have to guess, or scan open tabs and hope something jogs my memory. Now I can press a key to get a display of code segments I was actually looking at, and press more keys to filter by the text that’s in them. Sounds perfect.

  • I’ve been longing for Factory Bot integration for years. It’s so easy to navigate from models to controllers to specs, and then I need to get to a factory and… nothing. I have to type in a filename like some caveman. Anyway now I can just press a key to get there.

  • The Call Hierarchy view looks like a nice boost for a process that can be painfully manual: What calls this method? OK, what calls the methods that calls this method? What calls those?

  • I love the Ruby debugger but have been frustrated by the JavaScript debugger, and specifically the console, which until now often printed results unhelpfully as Object. Now it gives you an object tree you can browse to figure out what’s going on. Awesome.

  • I tried the new Ruby profiler and didn’t get it, but next time I have to fix a performance problem I will figure it out.