the week in me #7

Ever feel like you're trying to do too many cool things with too many cool people? And it's great but you'd just like to take a break to wash the dishes, and write a blog post, and, like, sleep more?


I've been doing lots of music and improv. Most of it's at HUGE Theater:

  • THE PAiNTERS just wrapped up a two-month run. It was very silly and it was great.
  • Bummertown is still doing sad funny improv every Friday through August, with me supporting on electric guitar.
  • This Sunday I'm accompanying Bad Poets Society on piano like a normal person. They do improvised scenes inspired by improvised poems.
  • The two Sundays after that I'm in I'm A Trio at Improv A Go Go. Will and Gurayn and I play fantastical people with mundane problems, like a space gorgon who just can't get her shoelaces to stay tied.

Somewhere in between all of that, my duo All the Books in the Library managed to record a a song we both love, Wilco's "Radio Cure," for a Theme Music tribute album. Our version doesn't have the uncanny radio ether of the original, but we did use a Pack 'n Play. And the radio emissions of Saturn's moon.

And my next scripted play opens tomorrow! I've been working with Impossible Salt on a funny, moving, mysterious, very loose, highly condensed adaptation of Ibsen's seven-hour Danish verse play Peer Gynt. The music I've been creating for it pulls in a little bit of Grieg but also blues, jazz, and '70s softcore funk. It's the first show for which I've been directed to "play something sexy." There's also a sea chantey.

As always, check the shows page for details.

The cast of Peer Gynt, looking serious.
Peer Gynt. Photo by Tom Northenscold.


Not much of my coding happens in public, but here are a few things to share:

  • I built a single-page app with the Vuetify framework. It was surprisingly easy to get a usable, decent-looking prototype together in a short period of time.
  • Also, it was surprisingly hard to get authentication working. I'm curious now what other people use to get authentication out of the way and get on with the interesting parts of an application.
  • I wrote about Svelte, a modern web framework with some unique characteristics. I'm into it.
  • I animated the Earth icon that pops into view when you scroll down on ClimateChoice.co. This is a tiny little thing but it makes me unreasonably happy.
  • I'm participating in the Impact Makers Climate Fixathon. You're welcome, planet!


You know what? You get it. All I'm going to say here is that I got a hand blender and it's great. See you next "week."