the week in me #8

Holy cow, it's only been about a week since my last weekly post.


I've been a part-time/contract web developer for over a decade, but this week I applied for a full-time job, for the third time this year. It's a position doing work I'm interested in, on a product I use and like, for a company that's been hiring smart, creative people I'd love to work with. I finished the application late Wednesday evening, so naturally my sleep that night was plagued by bad dreams about not getting to play with the cool kids.

Not to brag, but in waking life I am very lucky and I play with cool kids on the regular. See the arts section below, but also, I spent yesterday with my friend Matt working on his very cool tech job site, The Invisible Network. Big changes coming there soon.

I'll also be playing with my cool friend Eric this Tuesday when we host a series of silly debates at Minnehour, a happy hour for volunteers, community supporters, and sponsors of Minnestar. There's probably still time for you to become a sponsor or something, I don't know.

Speaking of cool, I really liked this talk by Sarah Drasner at last year's Coldfront conference. The title is "The Future of Web Animation," but as I said on Twitter, what it's really about is what's possible in web design, what could become possible, and why we should imagine more.


We opened Peer Gynt! As I write this we're setting up for the second of three performances on our our second of three weekends. Sorry about all the math. What I'm saying is, we're in the thick of it. It's going great.

I'm A Trio has its very first show at HUGE tomorrow night! At a recent rehearsal, our coach told us that watching us warm up was like reading a novel. So, if you like feeling like you're reading a novel but you don't want to actually read one, please come to Improv A Go Go this Sunday or next.

Gurayn and me and Will standing around holding leaves.
I'm A Trio and so are both of my friends.
Photo by Becky Wilkinson Hauser.

Only two more trips to Bummertown! At the show last night I told a friend that my approach to scoring it was less about music, more about a vague sense of unease. I was assured that I am nailing it.

The Oncoming Productions web site now reflects the terrifying truth: We're bringing back our Fringe hit Geminae for this fall's Twin Cities Horror Festival!


Main thing is I took a home sleep test, for which I had to

  • clip a device to the front of my nightshirt,
  • strap it around my chest,
  • strap another device to my belly,
  • put my finger in a piece of flexible plastic,
  • attach another device to my wrist with Velcro,
  • put a plastic tube in each nostril,

and then somehow fall asleep. Proud to say I failed the test with flying colors, and I hope soon to find out from my doctor what's ailing me.