coming up

Monday, May 6Park Square Theater

Oncoming Productions and four other companies present Five Fifths of Mary Poppins.

Fridays in July and AugustHUGE Theater

Live guitar score for Bummertown, the funniest sad improv in town.

Sundays August 18 - September 1HUGE Theater

Improv with I'm a trio. at Improv A Go Go.

gone down

March 28Honey, Minneapolis Improv with I'm a trio. at Freshly Squeezed Improv.
March 23HUGE Theater, Minneapolis Accompanied Stir Friday Night and The Black Men from a Black Planet at the Black and Funny Improv Festival.
March 2HUGE Theater, Minneapolis Accompanied Foul Play: Improvised Agatha Christie. (There's been a murder.)
Wednesdays in January and FebruaryHUGE Theater, Minneapolis Accompanied Rebel Grrls and also sometimes Kids at Camp, The W√ľnderkidz, and House Party.