one brain

Over the years I’ve built a bunch of web sites for myself. When I was a singer-songwriter, I built a site to showcase my songs. When I was looking for tech work, I built a site to talk about programming. More than once. (The web is littered with my past lives.)

And when I was looking for tech work, I hoped no one would find my music sites, because if I’m an artist then maybe I’m frivolous and not dedicated enough to do to work you need done. When I was making music, I hoped no one would find my tech blogs, because if you were moved by that song I wrote about the sound of snow,[1] you surely don’t want to know about my journey from HTML to Haml to Pug and back to HTML.[2]

But listen: I’ve gotten older and more comfortable with just being one person, and with being seen. My creative work isn’t a liability for my programming; it makes me a better problem solver. Programming doesn’t make me less of an artist; logic is a tool I can bring to music and improv (or leave it at home).

Anyway, my left brain’s had web sites and my right brain’s had web sites, but it’s 2019 and I’m just one person, bilateral.

[1] That's not what I thought it was about when I wrote it, but thank you for telling me what you heard in it. I love it.

[2] I haven't written that post yet. Sorry, markup language fans!